Oh look what Edmonton Cops had up on X; their Protest Rules and Regs... Just thought I’ld put it up for the ones reading over my shoulders to have themselves informed too.



Blue Hoody  skateboard art by p.griesbach the white paint is acrylic latex enamel

I GOT PATCHED! May 24th, 2024

ROUND UP by p.griesbach Original oil/canvas 16”x20” 1991

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RUGGED LIFE by Clint Emerson (fmr SEAL)

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STAR SCRIPT by First Viewer 5th D aka 1st 5th  (*registered Cdn Archives pen name for p.griesbach) early hypershift material from 1983 with a modern update, now understood as Quantum 5d

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Hatshepsut papyrus aka ‘Chariot’ papyrus

‘Starfire’ by P.Griesbach oil/linseed oil/board 1983 (ab9ve)

‘Abstract Girl’ by P.Griesbach oil/linseed oil/board 1984 (below)


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